Lecture with Loveleen Rihel Brenna


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A lecture with Loveleen Rihel Brenna gives you:

  • An award-winning communicator.

  • Exciting and thought-provoking lectures on current topics such as diversity and leadership.

  • Talks that engage and challenge.

Loveleen Brenna is the general manager, business developer, and founder of Seema.

Loveleen has contributed to reports for the Parliament and national strategy plans. She functioned as leader for the  the Parents' Committee for primary education for eight years,and has chaired the Women's Panel for the Ministry of Children, Gender Equality and Inclusion, and the Brennautvalget for the Ministry of Education. She has led the work of developing a national standard for a management system for diversity under the auspices of Standard Norway.

She has written several books. Among other things, «Mangfoldsledelse – Mangfold og likestilling som bærekraftig konkurransefortrinn» (1) , «Min annerledeshet, min styrke» (2) and «Manzil – Mangfoldig ledelse og utvikling» (3) (2008). Loveleen is currently working on the book "The Parable of the Dog and The Peacock," published in the USA in the spring of 2021.

Loveleen has also received several awards for her work: Ole Vig Prize 1997, Woman of the Year, KK 2006, Norway's toughest woman 2013, Fritt Ord's honorary prize 2016, and others.

(1) "Diversity management - Diversity and gender equality as a sustainable competitive advantage" (2018)

(2) My differences, my strength.

(3) Manzil-diverse leadership and development.