Seema at World Learning Summit


Post discussing Diversity on the India Business Day in Oslo, we continued to the global focus at the WLS in Kristiansand.


The aim of the conference was to bring perspectives together and share best practices on how we tackle the changing and global environment in the higher education sector. E-learning, diversity, innovation and AI were some of the aspects covered. 

With professors, CEOs, PhDs and entrepreneurs joining in from all over the world - Estonia, Saudi-Arabia, Lebanon, Ghana, USA, Brazil – the discussion on the topic created massive involvement. Together with UiA´s Center for Gender Equality and Alhambra US Chamber we explored future challenges of managing diversity in an age of globalization and digitalization. The importance of buy-in of top management, KPIs and the skill upgrade requirement for teachers meeting with the diverse pool of students. How can we create higher education for the global population and tackling unconscious bias? Disruptive and creative thinking, empowering girls through education and giving access to education to all parts of the world was highlighted as essential for reaching UN sustainable development goals. 

Seema presented the Standard for Diversity Management Systems, together with Senter for Likestilling and University of Agder, which is one of the tools made available. Post the launch in 2018, Seema is now conducting training and expect around 30 leaders to get their certificate as a Diversity Manager trough Norsk Sertifisering this year (2019).

 The Standard has been presented in Milan for 22 countries and the ISO is putting together a committee for the standard to be signed as a ISO-Standard by 183 countries.