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Seema - center for diversity and inclusion

We are the leading consulting company in Norway with extended experience in diversity and inclusion.

We provide organizations with tools and insight to how a diverse team functions and work together in order to achieve economic growth, secure a greater share of the consumer market, minimize employee turnover, foster innovation and creativity and attracting qualified candidates.


Certified diversity manager

To achieve intended goals by recruiting a diverse team demands a great deal of skilled leadership and management. As a diversity manager you have insight as to how you utilize diversity as an asset.

With a more diverse workforce the risks of conflicts increases. That leads to a higher employee turnover, risks of  loosing valuable capasity to solve problems and loosing insights to vital global costumer segments.

Our course meets the requirements of the standard of Diversity management systems - NS 11201: 2018.

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Three levels


  • one day course for top, middle and lower level of management

  • certification

  • talent and mentoring program



  • diversity management development

  • mapping

  • seminars

  • SeemaForum



  • standard of Diversity management systems - NS 11201: 2018

  • books and publications

  • legislative hearings

  • scientific work

Some of our clients


Our Values and Vision


We are value-driven and we put human decency above all and this permeates all of our deliveries/projects and teaching

We strive to make Norway the leading nation in world when it comes to diversity management and inclusion.

Our mission is to help our clients make diversity and inclusion a integral part of their strategy. We develop and improve leaders performance in order for individuals, organization and society to truly acquire the positive and lasting effect a diverse workforce promotes.


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