Diversity Management with Angela Todisco from SAP


Angela Todisco held an inspirational keynote at Mangfoldsledelse 2019, and we were lucky to get some inside information from her work in SAP. She is the Head of Human Resources EMEA North at SAP. Angela has been with the company since 2005 and been responsible for creating and driving an inclusive and innovative work culture since 2017.


Why is diversity important to SAP?
Bill McDermott says it very clearly: “SAP wants to be the most open-minded and inclusive software company on the planet.”

With that It`s an imperative to breathe inclusion. We hire from all places not only in Germany but globally and it's an imperative in a fast-changing environment. You cannot neglect diversity. For us it's a must, we're not driving for something extra but its intrinsic - it's in our DNA. Our “How-We-Run” behaviors focus on the internal drivers of the employees, it's not something you implement top down. Weestablished these behaviors via Design Thinking Workshops run by the workforce and they have found their way into daily language.

 We focus on universal ownership and being open minded.

Universal ownership means that not one single department is responsible for diversity, it`s not something you can delegate to HR or another function. That will not work. Everybody is responsible for driving a diverse culture and making sure that everybody feels at home with us. Our value proposition is: Bring everything you are, become everything you want. For us it's clear that everybody at SAP is a diversity and inclusion ambassador.

Open minded means to not be afraid of change. Sometimes narrowness and fear come from not knowing. If you foster a surrounding where people can speak up and be themselves, that creates the spirit of open mindedness. This has a wonderful effect because it's it gives you and your colleagues the freedom to perform at your best. It's not rocket science. It's just to be who you are and accept everyone as you would like to be accepted.”